1 East

A true sense of luxury with global standards of design and facilities.
We aspired to break homogeneity by forging a distinctive and visually arresting brand identity for 1 East. We also conceived a bespoke brochure tailored with precision to encapsulate the very essence of the brand's ethos.

1 East

1 East is an innovative venture envisioned by Shaurya Constructions. Standing tall and proud in the heart of Vizag, 1 East residency defined elegance and modern comfort with Luxury. In response to the task of crafting a brand identity for the project “1 East,” our objective was to seamlessly introduce the venture to the world while aligning with the brand’s values and services.

The comprehensive brand strategy encompassed vital marketing channels, including the establishment of visual identity, creation of print collaterals, revitalization of social media presence, and meticulous editorial design for the project.

By amalgamating client narrative with our creative expertise, we successfully formulated an intricate brand strategy that met all necessary requirements for establishing the project in the public domain. Throughout this endeavour, the emphasis remained on cultivating trust by balancing the aesthetics and functionality of 1 East as an individual project while remaining aligned with the overarching values of Shaurya Construction as a brand.

“We were fortunate to have worked with 11 Ouest for our marketing campaign. Their creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to understanding our brand’s vision were truly exceptional. From the initial concept to the final product, the team demonstrated professionalism and a keen eye for design that exceeded our expectations.


The final brochure and campaign not only met but surpassed our requirements, showcasing our brand in an impactful and visually appealing manner. We highly recommend 11 Ouest for any design project and look forward to collaborating with them again in the future.”