Centrio Mall

A thriving retail hub nestled in the heart of Dehradun city.
Collaborators since its inception, we crafted a foundational identity across an array of platforms, that was seamlessly translated through digital content, perpetual assets and physical collaterals.

Centrio Mall

Centrio Mall, Dehradun’s premier cultural hub, entrusted 11 Ouest with the task of building its creative foundation and crafting an ingenious narrative. The primary goal was to position Centrio as the pinnacle of experiential destinations in Dehradun through both physical and digital channels.

We meticulously designed Centrio’s  digital identity across platforms, including the website, Google, and social media. By creating a foundational identity and crafting target demographic-inspired content, perpetual assets, and physical collaterals, we streamlined Centrio’s promotional path.

The notable visual identity and consistent delivery of perceptible content catapulted Centrio into the forefront of Dehradun’s cultural and community landmarks, establishing a virtual mise-en-scene that resonates with the local populace. 

Working with an experience center in Dehradun presented the exciting challenge of designing a strategy that harmonized with diverse elements, from varied audiences to featured brands. Our creative approach was in constant evolution and reimagination, reflecting the dynamic nature of Centrio’s cultural landscape.

“Our partnership with the creative minds at 11 Ouest has been nothing short of transformative for our experiential shopping, entertainment and dining center in Dehradun. Their innovative approach seamlessly merged with our vision, elevating our brand presence and enhancing the overall shopping and entertainment experience at Centrio. 

Their attention to detail, coupled with a keen understanding of market dynamics, resulted in campaigns that resonated effortlessly with our diverse audience. The team’s commitment to excellence and unwavering professionalism make them an invaluable asset. We are not just clients; we are partners in success, and we look forward to continuing this extraordinary journey together.”