Liberty Lifestyle

Marrying the rich heritage of the House of Liberty and the exquisite craftsmanship of French perfumery.
The synergy of brand strategy and engaging digital campaigns orchestrated a compelling narrative, that reflected the brand’s essence and spirit.

Liberty Lifestyle

Liberty Lifestyle engaged 11 Ouest as their Creative Agency of Record with the mandate to seamlessly blend the storied legacy of the House of Liberty with the refined artistry of French perfumery. Tasked with conveying the opulence of Liberty Lifestyle’s fragrances to a diverse Indian audience, our creative journey involved translating the brand’s heritage into a fragrant narrative.

Through a scented mood board and intricate visual storyboard, we brought each scent’s unique story to life, resulting in a symphony of scents and visuals that deeply resonated with the Indian populace. The meticulously curated brand strategy, encompassing static creatives, promotional videos, curated reels, and engaging campaigns, successfully transformed the House of Liberty into the household name that is now Liberty Lifestyle.

“One of the most creative and enthusiastic teams I’ve worked with, led by a very passionate Muskaan. Amongst the clutter of social media agencies, 11 Ouest stands out with not only its unique ideas but also, its execution. All work was always carried out with a certain unmatched finesse.”