A cinematic haven, where captivating experiences unfold on the big screen.
We crafted campaign films that were both classic and contemporary, weaving immersive tales that redefined the audience's cinematic journey.


Lido Cinema, a stalwart in the Indian cinemascape, entrusted our team of cinephiles with the task of scripting the marketing chronicle to establish the brand as a luxury entertainment destination. Navigating the vast market of Indian cinema market, our goal was to carve a brand identity recognized as the distinct Lido signature.

With a diverse audience demographic ranging from cinema novices to seasoned enthusiasts, we executed a strategic blend of branding and design elements, leveraging nostalgia while embracing contemporary standards.The resulting brand awareness campaign struck a balance between relatability and bespoke content, adorned with a ‘filmy’ tone of voice and a refined undertone.

In our pursuit of poetic justice for an establishment catering to cinema lovers, we integrated cinematic masterpieces into the digital strategy. Our campaign films featured iconic moments from Indian cinema history, engaging the audience through amusing filmy puns and greetings. Each cinematic creation, simmered in the signature Lido colour palette of purple and gold, served as a perfect recall of the overarching intention to position Lido as a beacon of cinematic excellence.

“It has been a pleasure working with 11O – Muskaan was able to perfectly assess the needs of my project and provide relevant content to build anticipation around it. Great, professional work and super punctual and relatable!”