Mi Arcus

A trailblazing baby care brand that redefined the narrative of modern childcare.
From design to storytelling, our collaboration captured the essence of this new-age brand, shaping a narrative that resonated across all dimensions.

Mi Arcus

Mi Arcus, a modern baby care brand, recognized the enduring relevance of the baby care industry in a country that places immense importance on motherhood and child-rearing. Despite this, a noticeable gap in meaningful and relevant information on social media prompted the need to establish a presence that amalgamated visually pleasing and engaging content.

Our strategy emphasized the importance of a balanced blend of educative and fun content, seamlessly transitioning between relevant topics and trends while maintaining the subtle vibrancy of Mi Arcus’ visual identity.


The result was a diverse range of thematic content, spanning product collections, topical discussions, baby care suggestions, interactive posts, and dynamic reels. Through witty and brandcongruent copy, Mi Arcus’ social page became a resonant platform for parents across India.

“We recently had the pleasure of working with 11 Ouest for our social media creative requirements, and we were thoroughly impressed with the quality of work and their commitment to delivering on time. The designs and creatives they produced for our social media really helped elevate our brand’s online presence. But what really stood out to us were the captions they wrote for our posts.


They were not only well-written, but also captured the essence of our brand perfectly. And let’s not forget about Muskaan, who was always present in crucial meetings and ensured everything ran smoothly. I highly recommend 11 Ouest for all your social media needs. Thank you for your amazing work!”