Nexus Select Malls

A beacon in India's expansive retail real-estate landscape, boasting 17 malls across 13 major cities.
Our partnership with Nexus Malls extended from the genesis of creative ideas to the meticulous execution of various transformative digital campaigns.

Nexus Malls

For Nexus Malls, our task was to design a comprehensive campaign that intricately wove a strategically nuanced and visually captivating tale aligned with their unique brand essence. From initial ideation to final execution, our collaboration entailed strategic consultation to ensure seamless integration of our creative vision with Nexus Malls’ brand objectives.

Through meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of Nexus  Malls’ market positioning, our creative innovation led to campaigns that not only encapsulated their ethos but also deeply resonated with their discerning audience. From redefining fashion with the Denim Fest to celebrating individuality through the Barbie Campaign, and diving into sneaker culture with Sneaker Fest – each campaign we curated for Nexus Select Malls is a testament to innovation, collaboration, and elevating brand experiences.

This partnership not only showcased our ability to tailor creative solutions to meet specific needs but also underscored the significance of a client-centric approach, where every challenge presented an opportunity for innovation and growth. 

“Working with 11 Ouest has been so much fun for our Style Hashtags initiative. Their creativity shines through in the thoughtful content that they have produced for us. The team’s strategic approach, coupled with a keen understanding of our brand ethos and the initiative, has resulted in a seamless collaboration in bringing out relevant and fun content. Looking forward to continued success together.”

Nishank Joshi – Chief Marketing Officer, Nexus Select Trust