[Digital Campaigns]
Nexus Select Malls
A beacon in India's expansive retail real-estate landscape, boasting 17 malls across 13 major cities.
Our partnership with Nexus Malls extended from the genesis of creative ideas to the meticulous execution of various transformative digital campaigns.
[Digital Strategy | Performance Marketing | Social Media Marketing]
Phoenix Palladium
The epitome of luxury fashion, fine dining, and indulgent experiences.
As part of our momentous alliance, we crafted digital campaigns that seamlessly intertwined sophistication with cutting-edge engagement, resonating with the discerning tastes of luxury aficionados.
[Brand Strategy | Offline Marketing | Performance Marketing | Photography & Videography | PR Gifting | Social Media Marketing | Website Design]
Centrio Mall
A thriving retail hub nestled in the heart of Dehradun city.
Collaborators since its inception, we crafted a foundational identity across an array of platforms, that was seamlessly translated through digital content, perpetual assets and physical collaterals.
[Digital Strategy | Performance Marketing | Photography & Videography | Social Media Marketing]
Liberty Lifestyle
Marrying the rich heritage of the House of Liberty and the exquisite craftsmanship of French perfumery.
The synergy of brand strategy and engaging digital campaigns orchestrated a compelling narrative, that reflected the brand’s essence and spirit.
[AR Filter | Digital Campaigns]
PVR Inox
A cinematic icon, redefining entertainment.
For PVR's remarkable Silver Jubilee, we envisioned a celebration beyond the silver screen by creating an AR filter that infused the magic of movies with cutting-edge technology.
[Brand Strategy | Offline Marketing | Performance Marketing | Social Media Marketing]
A retail canvas for moments, celebrations, and experiences.
We orchestrated 360º marketing that involved comprehensive brand positioning, engaging digital and print campaigns and defining a unique story for the dynamic space.
[Campaign Films | Marketing Collaterals]
A cinematic haven, where captivating experiences unfold on the big screen.
We crafted campaign films that were both classic and contemporary, weaving immersive tales that redefined the audience's cinematic journey.
[Social Media Marketing]
Mi Arcus
A trailblazing baby care brand that redefined the narrative of modern childcare.
From design to storytelling, our collaboration captured the essence of this new-age brand, shaping a narrative that resonated across all dimensions.
[Identity Design | Marketing Collaterals | Nomenclature]
1 East
A true sense of luxury with global standards of design and facilities.
We aspired to break homogeneity by forging a distinctive and visually arresting brand identity for 1 East. We also conceived a bespoke brochure tailored with precision to encapsulate the very essence of the brand's ethos.
[Identity Design | Marketing Collaterals | Nomenclature]
Alpha Estates
A beacon of bespoke real estate services.
Our creative canvas extended across design, from evocative colour palettes to a logo symbolizing trust and excellence, shaping a distinctive brand identity.