Alpha Estates

A beacon of bespoke real estate services.
Our creative canvas extended across design, from evocative colour palettes to a logo symbolizing trust and excellence, shaping a distinctive brand identity.

Alpha Estates

Alpha Estates, dedicated to delivering bespoke real estate services and aspiring to be the architects of people’s aspirations, sought an all-encompassing design overhaul to capture their unique identity and avant-garde approach.


Our journey into Alpha Estates’ design philosophy unravelled the essence that sets them apart, expanding our canvas to cover everything from an emotion-evoking colour palette to a logo symbolizing trust and excellence.

The result was the iconic Alpha Estates logo, a masterpiece emblem of modernity and timelessness. The regal Venetian gold lion against the passionate cherry noir reflected the agency’s dedication to personalized excellence.


This emblem became a creative nucleus, influencing a universe of digital artworks and seamlessly extending its impact to physical collaterals like business cards and letterheads. Our collaboration went beyond design, becoming an exploration of shared passion and boundless creativity, igniting a synergy that pushed boundaries and crafted extraordinary experiences in the realm of real estate.

“We entrusted our brand’s identity to the adept team at 11 Ouest, and their visionary approach exceeded our expectations. With precision and creativity, they crafted a distinctive brand that perfectly aligns with our ethos. Truly a partnership that transcends excellence!” 

Tejas & Mitul Pahwa – Partners, Alpha Estates