A retail canvas for moments, celebrations, and experiences.
We orchestrated 360º marketing that involved comprehensive brand positioning, engaging digital and print campaigns and defining a unique story for the dynamic space.


CP 67 by Unity & Homeland Group, a retail haven for moments and celebrations, entrusted us with comprehensive brand positioning and 360º marketing. For brand positioning, we crafted the exclusive hashtag #ChakDePhatteMohali, perfectly encapsulating the generous spirit of Punjabi culture. This hashtag became the cornerstone for various brand launches, resonating profoundly with CP 67’s identity.

Notable campaigns, such as “Golden Beginnings” for Diwali and the sophisticated Black Friday Sale, showcased meticulous theme curation and bespoke designs. The CP 67 Cricket Feast during the Cricket World Cup and mini campaigns like “Navotsav” and the PVR Launch further enriched CP 67’s narrative, culminating in dynamic retail and entertainment experiences.

“We had the pleasure of collaborating with 11 Ouest for our shopping centre, CP67 and I must say their innovative approach and unwavering commitment have seamlessly elevated our shopping center’s brand image, leaving an indelible mark on our patrons. Through their ingenious campaigns and thoughtful designs, they have not only captured the essence of our retail space but have also successfully positioned us as a destination of choice in the hearts of our discerning clientele. 11 Ouest has truly proven to be an invaluable partner in our journey towards creating an unparalleled shopping experience in Tricity.”